How to Report Animal Cruelty

How to Report Animal Cruelty

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How to Report Animal Cruelty

The Central New York SPCA Cruelty Investigation team depends greatly on input from the central new york community for information concerning suspected animal cruelty. Our investigators are best able to perform their duties when provided with detailed descriptions of the suspected abuse:

  • What type of incident or incidents did you witness?
  • Who was involved in the incident(s)?
  • When the incident(s) took place
  • Where did the incident(s) occur?
  • ANY DETAILS that you are able to provide will increase our chances of seeing that the law is upheld, and that the animals are rescued.
  • What – Can you describe the incident or incidents of animal cruelty that you think you witnessed, including type, number, and description of the animals involved?
  • Who – Can you provide a description of the person or persons involved in the incident(s)?
  • When – Date and time of the suspected incident(s) of abuse.
  • Where – Due to the extensive area covered by our investigation staff, any and all information concerning the location of the incident(s) will be of primary importance.

If possible, please provide:

  • Street Address, including cross streets
  • ZIP codes
  • Landmarks, including business names and apartment complex names

Complainant information is NOT released by Central New York SPCA investigators, and every measure will be taken to ensure your complete confidentiality.

Contact information is very helpful to investigators when background information is needed. If you are a witness to animal cruelty please do not hesitate to contact the Central New York SPCA.