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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are invited to apply to work in the various animal care areas. Choose from the many jobs you can do as a volunteer:

Dog Walkers

Dog walking and general handling and focusing on good manners. (* Must complete a minimum of 40 hours as a Volunteer first and also attend 3 hours of Obedience 101 Training Programs)

Cat Socialization

Holding, petting, and grooming of the cats in Mitzi’s Room ONLY.

General Office

Answering Phones, filing and other general office duties as needed. Adoption Councilor will handle ALL adoptions.

Community and Shelter Events

We need volunteers who are willing to:

  • Participate and Set up at Shelter Events as well as Community Events.
  • Sitting at different events and handing out informational material.
  • Participate in special events and fundraisers in the community.
  • Other jobs may include hanging posters, stuffing envelopes, and other short-term projects as needed.

General Cleaning

Cleaning dishes, litter pans, sweeping & mopping, washing walls, washing windows, cleaning cat carriers or any other task deemed appropriate.

Grounds Keeping

Any kind of seasonal work outside to keep our shelter’s appearance inviting. (i.e., raking, shoveling walks, sweeping, etc.)