About Us

Central New York SPCA Mission Statement

The Central New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is committed to making our community a kinder and safer place for the animals who share it with us by:

  • Investigation, intervention and prosecution of animal abuse and neglect.
  • Education of the public to the value and rewards of responsible guardianship of companion animals and respect for all living creatures.
  • Sterilization of all companion animals to reduce the tragic over-population of unwanted animals through programs we design and propose.
  • Legislation to provide for maximum protection of animals and severe penalties for those who abuse them.
  • Creation and maintenance of excellent living conditions, compassionate care and medical attention for the thousands of animals in our care every year
  • Adoption of those animals into responsible homes where they will be given the precious gift of a lifetime of love.

Our Board of Directors


Monica Williams

Vice President

Dr. Patricia Romano


Robert Woods


Janice DeCuffa

Board Members

Carole Marsh

Jack Yoffa

Greg Herlihy

Danielle Cunningham

Matt MaCvittie